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Proficy Historian automation software represents a quantum leap in the performance, utility and affordability of plant-wide data historians. Scalable to 100,000 tags (data points) per server, Proficy Historian delivers high-volume data collection and retrieval, without sacrificing speed or performance. Proficy Historian and its client applications enable users to gain valuable insight into operations, ultimately helping businesses convert process data into "Plant Intelligence". How does Proficy Historian help to deliver Plant Intelligence? The answer lies in its ability to collect data and transform it into meaningful information.

Data Collection

Proficy Historian is designed so that it can easily collect and store data from a wide variety of sources.

Manufacturing data is typically found in SCADA and HMI systems, in devices that have OPC Servers, and in files whose data can be imported using CSV or XML. Proficy Historian has powerful Collectors that allow it to gather data from these sources.

While Proficy Historian's data sources include HMI/SCADA systems from Intellution and others, you can also directly collect data from virtually any plant-floor device, including PLCs, distributed control systems, weigh scales, bar code readers, fieldbus, and smart devices.

Data that is stored in files can be brought into Proficy Historian. This includes data not only from Intellution's Classic Historian and Advanced Historian, but also from other historians, laboratory data, and more. Operator entries can be collected, as well as data that has been manually collected.

The three protocol-specific collectors are: the OPC Collector; the iFIX Collector; and the CSV/XML Collector. A fourth is the Simulation Collector, which generates random values, and is used primarily to test an Proficy Historian system.

The Proficy Historian Collectors provide automatic discovery of tags from the data source. For example, the OPC or iFIX Collectors enable browsing into the OPC Server or iFIX system, and list the tags that are available to be collected by Proficy Historian. Tags can be configured and managed individually or in bulk.

Online changes are also supported.

Scalability and Performance

Proficy Historian is the industry's first product designed for both plant-wide applications and HMI/SCADA applications. It is cost effective and scales extremely well in both small and large systems. Proficy Historian can be deployed for a single location, an entire plant, or to provide enterprise visibility to data.

Proficy Historian is available from 100 to 100,000 points per server, and more servers can be added to scale above 100,000 points. It was designed to provide exceptional performance in both small and large systems, with fast storage and retrieval, and sub-second data collection.

Reliability, Security, and 21 CFR Part 11

Proficy Historian has excellent reliability and data integrity through its robust, fault tolerant architecture. Store-and-forward capabilities are provided, so if the connection to the Proficy Historian server should go down, the system will continue to collect data locally, and then update the Proficy Historian database when the connection is re-established.

Proficy Historian is designed with features for applications requiring 21 CFR Part 11 compliance. Extensive authority checking is built-in. Authorizations are performed at client applications and are verified at the Proficy Historian server.

Proficy Historian automatically generates an electronic audit trail of all modifications made to the system configuration, such as additions, deletions, or modifications to tag definitions. An electronic audit trail of modifications to data, such as an update to an existing point or the insertion of new data, is also maintained automatically.

Configuring and Managing Proficy Historian

Either the thin client Web Administrator can be used from a standard browser on any computer, either local or remote, without the need to install any client-side software, or the non-web, Windows Administrator, which must be installed on each computer, can be used to manage the system.

With either Administrator, users can perform any number of actions: monitor key status and performance indicators; start and stop collectors; monitor alerts and messages; manage and backup archives; configure tags; and more.

Time Zones and Daylight Savings Time

Proficy Historian provides comprehensive support for time zones and Daylight Savings Time (DST). Data is stored in a time-neutral fashion, which means you can deploy Proficy Historian, and analyze data collected by it, across time zones - using any time perspective that you wish.

To allow for differences in the clocks of various computers in which collectors are running, Proficy Historian synchronizes the times from those collectors, so that the data, once stored in Proficy Historian, contains time stamps that are correct, relative to each other. This, coupled with millisecond time stamps, is essential to accurately compare data, including sequence-of-events (SOE) determination.

Servers and Archives

An Proficy Historian system can have one or more servers, and one or more archives. Additional servers and archives can be added as the system grows.

The Proficy Historian server incorporates powerful features enabling it to be deployed in a wide variety of applications. Its comprehensive 21 CFR Part 11 support is part of the focus on data security. The server provides extremely high performance, both in storage and retrieval of data, to support even the most intensive data collection and data access requirements.

The server's "indexed" points capability allows the use of contextual information in retrieval by event, so that you can, for example, extract trend data based upon batch ID.

An extensive set of information is available. The server also integrates messaging and alerts, in addition to the collection of data. Server statistics and diagnostic information include: events per minute, data consumption rate, alerts, connected users, and much more.

Configuring and maintaining archives, including archive size, location, status, backup information, and more, are performed from the Administrator.

Enhanced Data Compression Minimizes Storage Requirements Proficy Historian can collect hundreds of thousands of data points daily, and still offer superior retrieval performance, with the smallest archive size.

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